Our 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

A foolproof guide to the perfect Dried Flower & Pampas presents for the people you love!

Let's not beat around the holly bush, Christmas can be stressful!

What do you gift that extra picky sibling?

How do you choose something for the friend who already has it all?

Not to worry, we've done all the hard thinking for you in our 2021 Christmas Gift Guide, there really is something for everyone!

1. One for the Arts & Crafts Obsessive

Whether it be a friend, a colleague or a family member, we all know someone who just LOVES getting creative! Create your own Christmas Wreath with our DIY kits; all the stems arrive already gift-boxed, and make the perfect pampassy pressie for that person who always wants to get stuck in.

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

2. One that will (finally) impress the in-laws!

Maybe it's the first time meeting them, or maybe you're just wanting to impress - but finding the ideal Christmas gift for the in-laws is always an important one.

Good news, because our XL sized Pampas & Eucalyptus Dried Flower Bunch is ready to do some impressing! One of the biggest bunches that we offer, and available with or without a Large Glass Jar Vase, the natural colours of this bunch will suit any home interior. Fingers crossed your relationship goes in the same direction!

From £70

3. One for the Insta-Interior Queen

Shout out to the friend with the stunning home, who has the best style, and always knows exactly what looks good. How do you do it so effortlessly?

Our New In Tortoise Shell Vases are the ideal chic, stylish gift for the friend who keeps in with all the trends. Available in white and brown, with a matching candle holder, this is a classy gift that will definitely withstand the trend cycle.

Tortoise Vase & Candleholder


Tortoise Shell Vase


White Tortoise Shell Vase


4. One for your Favourite Sibling

That super picky sibling or family member who's super hard to impress?

Look no further than our Fluffy Light Brown Pampas Bunch! Our bestselling Pampas in 110cm is stunning in a tall vase as a tall floor standing display - or in 60cm for a tabletop display. As a self-confessed picky sibling, I can assure you this one gets the nod of approval.

5. One for the Environmentally Concious,
Nature Loving, Earth Devotee

It feels more important than ever to gift consciously and in line with the values of the gift reciever as well as yourself. Last Christmas we saw a surge in support for small businesses and more ethical, environmentally aware retailers. Here at Pampas & Bloom, our bunches will last forever, vastly reducing the waste involved with buying fresh flowers. All of our packaging is recyclable (whilst still being pretty!), and we always aim to support local businesses and suppliers.

Our All Natural Collection is perfect for the environmentally concious gift reciever as the bunches are brought to you exactly how they’re harvested! Choose from three stunning shades: Purple, Red or Yellow.

All Natural Red


All Natural Purple


All Natural Yellow


6. One for the Vibrant, Colour Lover

Needing something for that human ray of sunshine in your life?

Our Customisable Dried Flower Wall Cloud is the perfect gift to match the energy and life of that special person. Super instagrammable, available in 3 sizes and ANY colour palette you like. Get your hands on one of these!

From £65

Drop us a DM on Instagram if you need any advice! We're always happy to help