Why Buy Dry?

Why Buy Dry?

March 1st, 2022

Why Buy Dry? 3 Reasons to Consider Dried Flowers Over Fresh

The dried flower trend has been dominating Instagram for a while now, so we’re loving seeing the dried stems in our homes instead of fresh bunches. However, how do dried/ preserved flowers compare when held up against their fresh counterparts? We’re going to run you through a few of the top reasons for why you should be buying dry!

First Things First…

First things first, the cost of buying fresh flowers versus that of buying dried ones is considerably more. For a substantially sized bouquet from a middle-range supermarket, you’re probably looking at spending around ten pounds. Factor in replacing that bunch every week or two, and the price soon starts to add up. However with a dried flower bouquet – they will be yours forever! No more panic replacing those wilted stems before entertaining guests!


Secondly, it’s worth considering the cost to the environment. Many of the fresh cut flowers we buy are grown abroad, and their short shelf life means they must be transported quickly and in temperature-controlled conditions. Preserved and dried stems don’t need this special treatment and therefore make a far less wasteful, and more sustainable option. Also, unlike faux flowers, they are 100% natural and completely biodegradable! So if you have any impending concerns about your carbon footprint, there’s really no doubt about which type of floral decor you should be opting for!

And finally…

And finally, dried flowers can be used to create absolutely stunning displays, whether this be in a home, restaurant, salon or for a wedding! Their long-lasting nature means that these installations can be created in advance of any occasion, massively reducing the labour costs and stresses involved with the event organisation. Alternatively, if you wanted a floral display to cover an entire wall of your restaurant, this could be easily installed as an option that would last forever! No catch!

At Pampas & Bloom you know how obsessed we are with everything floral, so we’ve also included a blog post on here detailing how you can dry your own flowers. This can be done with any stems, all year round, and creates such simple, stunning results. So get creative!

Learn how to Dry Your Own Flowers in 3 Steps

Written by Imogen Hill

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