5 Steps to Care for your Dried Flowers

5 Steps to Care for your Dried Flowers

February 18th, 2020

How to Care for your Dried Flowers: 5 Simple Steps to Ensure they Last a Lifetime

Why do I Need to Care for Dried Flowers?

If you’ve purchased from Pampas & Bloom, or any other dried flower retailer, you might be feeling a little confused about how long they last and how to care for them.

Conventionally when you buy fresh flowers, they have a shelf date and last for anywhere between 1-10 days, and thats after you’ve kindly taken the time to trim the stems to size and pop them in a vase full of fresh water and a sachet of flower food.

Dried flowers are very different and require little to no maintenance if you follow our simple guide when you receive your new purchase.

1. Keep your Dried Flowers Dry

It really is as simple as that - dried flowers are meant to be kept dry - that means no water is needed to keep them alive!

Dried flower bunches and wet-rooms don't go so well together. If you'd like to display your bunch in a bathroom, make sure it's not one with a bath or shower as your stems can quickly become moist, and then mouldy (!)

2. Place out of Direct Sunlight

Many of our stems are coloured using hot water dyes (like this Fluffy Hot Pink Pampas) - that means that when the sun hits them, the colour quite literally evaporates!

That's why its super important to keep your dried flowers or pampas out of direct sunlight, somewhere cool and shady.

Unfortunately a window sill spot isn't ideal if you want your bunch to last!

3. Let them Relax

If your dried flowers or pampas are looking a little flat when you unpack them, give them time to sit upright in a vase and relax.

Here at Pampas & Bloom we pack orders straight from our shipping boxes, minimising the handling of stems and preventing any unnecessary shedding. If you can’t wait and want to speed up the process, you can very gently tease the plume of your pampas apart - go careful, they’re extremely fragile!

4. Be Gentle

Following on from above, all dried flower and pampas stems are extremely fragile.

These natural products are dried out, sometimes over a very long period of time, meaning they can break very easily. Go gently when unwrapping and placing them into your vase.

It’s also important that your dried flower arrangement is placed somewhere out of close contact, not near to a draft, somewhere away from little roaming fingers, pets and potential brush-pasts.

5. Dust Gently

When the time comes for a clean, you can gently dust your dried flower arrangement. Palms, you can hoover or dust with a dry cloth. Pampas and dried flowers you can shake gently upside down.

With our products, we don’t recommend using a hair dryer due to potential shedding. Please check your dried flower retailer’s recommendations on hair drying before using it on your arrangement.

Written by Amelia Harker

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