• How to Style Your Home Like a Professional

    How to Style Your Home Like a Professional

    October 7th, 2021

    How to Style Your Home Like an Interior Design Professional: Imogen's Top Tips for Styling Tables, Shelves, Lighting & more

    Where to start?

    We all know how overwhelming it feels seeing hundreds of picture perfect homes on Instagram, and having no idea where to begin with your own. Sometimes things just aren’t looking right and you can’t work out why!

    The secrets to styling a home, however, are simpler than you may think. Vases and books add height, flowers and pampas add texture, and no home is complete without a few prints on the wall and a couple of accent throws.

    First Things First, Let's Add Some Drama!

    We have a whole host of Home Styling Tips on our Instagram page, but I think the one I feel most passionately about is adding some drama to your home. As humans, we’re drawn to smaller objects, things we can hold in our hands, pick up and turn over. However all of a sudden, once you put all these lovely, handheld pieces on your shelves or sideboard – they start to look rather small.

    Add large floor standing vases, hang oversized lampshades from the ceilings, and put those bigger-than-initially-intended prints up on the walls. These things might feel like a bit of a shock to the system at first, but the confidence involved in selecting larger items goes a long way towards giving your home that stylish touch.

    How to Create Coffee Table Chic

    Coffee table styling is another area that can be easily solved with just a few simple tricks. It’s easy to neglect this space and just have a few coasters and tv remotes floating around the surface.

    Adding in trays or coffee table books will make the whole area feel so much more intentional, and serves as a perfect base to contain those remotes. Select large, hardback books (these can be purchased online or in charity shops if you’re on a budget!) and pile them two or three high.

    Place a second pile next to the first, leaving a gap in the middle, and add any small trinkets you want to display - candles, diffusers, remotes etc - on top. Place a potted plant or vase of flowers in between the stacks and you’ve got yourself a perfectly styled coffee table. It’s as simple as that.

    Styling The Perfect Shelfie Everytime

    One of the most overwhelming tasks, especially in rented properties where you often have no choice on the matter, is making open shelves look stylish. These might be located in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, but you can use the same techniques regardless and end up with stunning results every time.

    Start by gathering all the objects you might want to place on the shelves and organise them into larger pieces and smaller pieces. Open shelves require variation in object size and height, but don’t include anything too tiny or it will get lost in the room.

    Then, evenly space all of the biggest objects on the shelving unit, putting a couple of the tallest items on the top shelf if you have the space, and the widest items on the bottom shelves. This could include large cookbooks, stacks of plates, baskets, a big plant or an oversized dish. Alternate books between lying them horizontally in stacks or keeping them vertical.

    Fill in the gaps with the smaller objects, grouping a few bits together at points so they don’t look too small in the overall display. Stand back and see what you think. Sometimes you'll have to rearrange, taking a photo helps as it shows you where you might need a bit of height from a vase or you have too many pieces of the same colour in one area.  

    Fill in the gaps with the smaller objects, grouping a few bits together at points so they don’t look too small in the overall display. Stand back and see what you think. You can watch how we styled this Summer Pastels inspired shelf, here on our Instagram.

    Mix Up The Lighting!

    Lighting is arguably one of the most important aspects to making your home feel both luxurious and cohesive, especially as the winter months draw closer! A variation of different lighting is really important, you don’t always need a side lamp on if it’s daylight but you might still need an overall glow from a floor lamp. Study the room and place the biggest light source in the darkest corner, this is often the furthest or most hidden point from the window.

    Then, you can set about filling the space with smaller lamps – making sure you consider how you use the room - and not just what might look good. If you have a specific relaxing corner you like to read in, a side lamp might be a better idea than a huge floor lamp, or a smaller lamp on a sideboard in a dining room can give a different feel to the room than the main ceiling light for more intimate occasions.

    Something else which is often overlooked when choosing lighting is that you can easily switch out the bulb for something that suits your vibe better. Orange or yellow glow bulbs can be cheaply found online and have the ability to completely change an atmosphere.

    A pro tip is to always have bedside lamps on both sides of your bed, these don’t have to match if it’s not your style but ensure that the height and light strength of them is similar. This feels much more relaxing and balanced in the space that you sleep in.

    Above all else, it's important to have fun with your styling! It’s your home, and filling it with the things that
    you love should be a fun and exciting task. Try not to get too bogged down in knowing your ‘perfect style’ or having everything looking immaculate at all times. Accessorising is only temporary, you can always change it, so enjoy it! If you love the things you own then you’re sure to love the results.

    Written by Imogen Hill

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  • How to Dry your Own Flowers in 3 Steps

    How to Dry your Own Flowers in 3 Steps

    July 19th, 2021

    How to Dry your Own Flowers: 3 Easy Steps

    Did Someone Say FREE Dried Flowers?!

    Yep, that's right, we did!

    It's easier than you think to dry your own flowers. Whether they're freshly picked from your own garden, your friends garden, your parents or grandparents garden, or a bunch of blooms you were bought/treated yourself to - this guide will show you how you can dry them out in the comfort of your own home.

    Before we begin, it's worth noting that our own dried flowers & pampas from here at Pampas & Bloom are sourced from all over the world - I'm sadly not going to be able to guarantee that you'll have the easiest time growing something like Banksia, that are used to the South West Australian climate.

    This 3-step guide is for you, however, if you have a lovely lavender bush in your front garden, a hydrangea shrub in your back garden or a special bouquet you'd really like to get the most out of.

    It's also worth noting that you can grow some really beautiful blooms & grasses that aren't extremely common but do really well in UK climates.

    A good example of this is Lagurus, commonly known as Bunny Tails. Bunny Tails have become so increasingly popular & if you plant them this year, you might have your very own by next summer. You can buy a pack of 200 seeds here.

    And here's a funny story, I used to photograph all of our bunches out the front of my parents house last summer, and this year we've had little Lagurus popping up from in between the paving!

    Step 1: Choose (or Grow) the Right Stems

    A crucial part of drying your own flowers at home is picking the right flower and/or grass stems.

    Most flowers are good for drying, but for this simple method we recommend hardy stems such as Lavender, Nigella, Hydrangeas, Achillea, Limonium, Thistles, Poppy Heads & Roses.

    Gypsophelia & Eucalyptus are also commonly found in pre-made flower bouquets and dry really well.

    You can also grow lots of lovely grasses such as Pampas & Miscanthus that add a soft element to a dried bunch. They grow in bushes & fill space quickly - so be sure to plant away from any paths.

    Step 2: Hang in Small Bunches

    It's important that when you've harvested your stems, you separate them into smaller bunches. This allows them to air quicker, speeding the process up and avoiding bad smells and mould.

    Once you have your smaller bunches, bind them near the bottom of the bunch with twine or an elastic band. Hang them upside down, somewhere cool, dry and out of the way, an airing cupboard would work perfectly. Hanging the bunches upside down ensures the stems dry straight.

    If you're feeling fancy, a hanging laundry dryer such as this one works well for stems like Poppy Heads and Thistles.

    Step 3: Leave for 2 Weeks

    Here's the hardest part of our not-very-hard drying guide, leaving them alone for at least 2 weeks.

    It'll be worth the wait - we promise!

    How do I Care for Dried Flowers?

    If you've grown your own flowers and dried them at home, dried an existing fresh bouquet or bought some ready-made dried flowers from us here at Pampas & Bloom, they all require the same care.

    To ensure they last, you'll need to make sure they're kept completely dry, in a cool place out of direct sunlight. You can read our full 5-minute-guide that includes some other tips here.

    Dried flowers are completely compostable and can be popped in the appropriate bin (or at the bottom of your garden) when they reach the end of their life. Or if you're not ready to part ways, why not give them a new lease of life with some coloured dyes & sprays or add some new, dried stems into the mix!

    And that's it!

    Just like that you have your very own bunch of home dried flowers!

    If you tried this I'd love to see your results - send us a picture here or tag us on Instagram @pampasandbloom ☺

    Written by Amelia Harker

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  • 5 Steps to Care for your Dried Flowers

    5 Steps to Care for your Dried Flowers

    February 18th, 2020

    How to Care for your Dried Flowers: 5 Simple Steps to Ensure they Last a Lifetime

    Why do I Need to Care for Dried Flowers?

    If you’ve purchased from Pampas & Bloom, or any other dried flower retailer, you might be feeling a little confused about how long they last and how to care for them.

    Conventionally when you buy fresh flowers, they have a shelf date and last for anywhere between 1-10 days, and thats after you’ve kindly taken the time to trim the stems to size and pop them in a vase full of fresh water and a sachet of flower food.

    Dried flowers are very different and require little to no maintenance if you follow our simple guide when you receive your new purchase.

    1. Keep your Dried Flowers Dry

    It really is as simple as that - dried flowers are meant to be kept dry - that means no water is needed to keep them alive!

    Dried flower bunches and wet-rooms don't go so well together. If you'd like to display your bunch in a bathroom, make sure it's not one with a bath or shower as your stems can quickly become moist, and then mouldy (!)

    2. Place out of Direct Sunlight

    Many of our stems are coloured using hot water dyes (like this Fluffy Hot Pink Pampas) - that means that when the sun hits them, the colour quite literally evaporates!

    That's why its super important to keep your dried flowers or pampas out of direct sunlight, somewhere cool and shady.

    Unfortunately a window sill spot isn't ideal if you want your bunch to last!

    3. Let them Relax

    If your dried flowers or pampas are looking a little flat when you unpack them, give them time to sit upright in a vase and relax.

    Here at Pampas & Bloom we pack orders straight from our shipping boxes, minimising the handling of stems and preventing any unnecessary shedding. If you can’t wait and want to speed up the process, you can very gently tease the plume of your pampas apart - go careful, they’re extremely fragile!

    4. Be Gentle

    Following on from above, all dried flower and pampas stems are extremely fragile.

    These natural products are dried out, sometimes over a very long period of time, meaning they can break very easily. Go gently when unwrapping and placing them into your vase.

    It’s also important that your dried flower arrangement is placed somewhere out of close contact, not near to a draft, somewhere away from little roaming fingers, pets and potential brush-pasts.

    5. Dust Gently

    When the time comes for a clean, you can gently dust your dried flower arrangement. Palms, you can hoover or dust with a dry cloth. Pampas and dried flowers you can shake gently upside down.

    With our products, we don’t recommend using a hair dryer due to potential shedding. Please check your dried flower retailer’s recommendations on hair drying before using it on your arrangement.

    Written by Amelia Harker

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